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"Catalyzing Innovation across the Care Continuum"

About Us


Glen Ventures is a venture capital firm dedicated to investing globally in early-stage healthtech and medical device companies. We are a purpose-driven team of business and clinical leaders, enriched with deep market knowledge and strong industry connections. Our mission is to catalyze innovation across the care continuum, with our distinct hands-on approach and clinical collaborations for co-development, testing and validation. Glen Ventures is a proud strategic partner to McGill University Health Center (MUHC) affiliated entities, underscoring our commitment to fostering healthcare breakthroughs alongside world class collaborators.



"At Glen Ventures, we are driven by a singular mission: to foster Global Growth in healthtech and medtech, enabling Lifechanging Launches that revolutionize healthcare. We are committed to Empowering Entrepreneurs, providing them with the resources, knowledge, and support necessary to turn groundbreaking ideas into transformative solutions. Through our Nurturing Network, we build and sustain a collaborative ecosystem that encourages innovation, facilitates connections, and accelerates the journey from concept to impact. Our purpose is not only to invest in the future of healthcare but to actively shape it, ensuring that our collective efforts lead to sustainable, significant improvements in people’s lives worldwide. Together, we are dedicated to advancing healthcare innovation, one lifechanging launch at a time."


G:Global Growth
L:ifechanging Launches
E: mpowering Entrepreneurs
N:Nurturing Network

Global Growth

At Glen Ventures, our dedication to Global Growth reflects a strategic, proactive approach to identifying and nurturing the best in class entrepreneurs and innovations worldwide. With a keen eye for potential and a network that spans continents, we excel in sourcing groundbreaking healthtech and medtech startups and innovations, wherever they may be. This global perspective enables us to tap into diverse markets, cultures, and technological advancements, ensuring that we're not just participants in the healthcare revolution, but active drivers of its progress. Our unique capability to scout and secure top-tier deal flow across the globe allows us to bring cutting-edge solutions to a worldwide audience, setting new standards in healthcare and ensuring that the benefits of innovation are shared universally. In championing Global Growth, we're committed to transcending borders and unlocking the potential of healthcare innovation to improve lives everywhere.

Lifechanging Launches

Lifechanging Launches are at the heart of what we do at Glen Ventures. We invest in startups and innovations with the power to transform healthcare delivery, patient outcomes, and the overall quality of life. Our approach is to support initiatives that promise not just incremental improvements, but quantum leaps forward in health and wellness. Through strategic guidance and resources, we help bring to market solutions that address unmet needs, revolutionize treatments, and make healthcare more accessible, effective, and personalized. It's about creating a future where every launch has the potential to alter the course of healthcare history.

Empowering Entrepreneurs

Empowering Entrepreneurs is a core principle of our operation. We believe that behind every groundbreaking idea is an entrepreneur with the vision and drive to see it through. Our role goes beyond funding; we provide a foundation of support that includes mentorship, access to our extensive network of industry experts, and the strategic resources needed to navigate the complex healthcare landscape. By empowering entrepreneurs, we're not just investing in their current projects; we're fostering the next generation of leaders in healthcare innovation, ensuring they have the skills, confidence, and resources to succeed.

Nurturing Network

Our Nurturing Network is the ecosystem that supports our mission, a vibrant community of investors, industry experts, healthcare professionals, and fellow entrepreneurs all united in the goal of advancing healthcare innovation. This collaborative environment is designed to facilitate knowledge sharing, partnership, and co-development, ensuring that the startups we support are well-equipped to overcome challenges and seize opportunities. Through this network, we create synergies that accelerate the path from concept to market, providing a supportive backdrop that enhances the resilience, adaptability, and success of our portfolio companies.

Together, these pillars—Global Growth, Lifechanging Launches, Empowering Entrepreneurs, and Nurturing Network—form the foundation of Glen Ventures' mission to drive forward the future of healthcare, ensuring we remain at the forefront of innovation and transformative impact.


General Partners


Join Our Mission at Glen Ventures

At Glen Ventures, we are on a relentless quest to catalyze innovation across the care continuum through innovation and collaboration. If you're an innovator with a groundbreaking idea, an entrepreneur ready to revolutionize healthcare, an investor seeking to make a meaningful impact, or a professional with specialized skills poised to guide companies towards success, we want to hear from you.

Your vision, expertise, and passion could be the catalyst for the next lifechanging launch or the driving force behind our next global growth story. Reach out to us and explore how we can collaborate to transform healthcare landscapes together.

Let's join forces to create a future where healthcare innovations lead to a healthier, more vibrant world for all. 


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